Jane was the obvious choice

I first engaged Jane Woodhead’s editing services in 2013 after I’d written my first book, Torn. My initial intention was to garner her unbiased thoughts as it was the first full-length novel I’d written.

Jane’s feedback was invaluable and her constructive criticism enabled me to fine tune my novel.

Even the best writers make mistakes; I’m a big believer in using a professional editor. However, Torn is a historical work set in rural Yorkshire – I wanted an editor who understood classical English because the authenticity of my dialogue and language was not negotiable.

Jane was the obvious choice.

I’d heard some horror stories about editors taking control of a writer’s work but Jane was very easy to work with and kept to our schedule. Her consultative approach ensured I felt in control at all times while she offered advice and criticism without breaking my heart or losing sight of the fact that this was my baby!

Naturally, by the time I was ready to publish my second novel Inviolate, there was no doubt I would engage Jane again.

As I write this, my third novel, Stormbird, is nearing completion. Of course, I am using Jane’s services.

By the way, I am an Australian writer, living in Australia, but even geographical constraints are no impediment. Jane and I meet regularly via video conferencing as she keeps me up to date with my project.

I would recommend Jane Woodhead’s services to any writer – regardless of genre.